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Children's Chapel

Children’s Chapel is designed for children aged three through kindergarten as an opportunity for worship at an age-appropriate level during the first 25 minutes of the 9:00 AM service (10:00 AM in the summer).

Children's Chapel participants worship and explore their faith through songs, stories, and discussions that follow the Sunday readings and the seasons of the Church Year. Parents are welcome to attend Children's Chapel and are invited to sign up as volunteers to assist parish staff in conducting the Children’s Chapel service.

Children are brought back to church during the Peace to sit with their families for the Eucharist. We encourage all baptized children to receive Holy Communion and ask parents to bring infants and toddlers to the altar rail to receive either Communion or a blessing.

Children’s Chapel is in the Saint Nicholas Room, Room 122, which is directly down the stairs from the main entrance to the church nave. Or if you are approaching from the glass doors at the parking lot, walk down the Grace School hallway, turn right, and follow it to the end.


To register children for Children's Chapel, please complete and submit this form for each child.