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Get Married

The congregation and clergy of Grace Church wish you God's blessing as you plan for your wedding.  Grace Church performs the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage in accordance with the required canons of the Episcopal Church, and offers these guidelines as you consider where to hold this special event in your lives. 

Who can get married at Grace Church?

  • All active members and those exploring membership. The clergy are willing to counsel with those who are not members of the parish.
  • With the permission of the Bishop of Virginia, divorced persons who wish to marry again can do so, providing it has been at least a year since the divorce decree was issued.  Grace Church clergy will prepare a petition to remarry after one to two meetings with the couple and/or the divorced person.

How much notice does the church need?

We recommend no more than one year and require at least six months.

Pre-marital Counseling

Every couple is required to participate in five, one-hour pre-marital instruction sessions before the wedding.  These sessions will cover:

  • Introductions, personal stories and biographies; why have you come to the church for a blessing of your marriage?
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses; goals as individuals and as a couple; personal growth within and throughout marriage; what are your major concerns about marriage, self and one another?
  • Communication, intimacy, sexuality; resolving differences; how do you share your love with one another and others?
  • Faith in practice and belief; the place of Christianity in your lives; how do you understand God?
  • The service for the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage; the meaning of the Prayer Book liturgy; and understanding of the liturgy.

The Church is not available for weddings...

  • If there is another wedding already planned that day..
  • During Lent and Holy Week (the six weeks before Easter); and during the four weeks before Christmas (Advent).
  • The second weekend of September, when Grace Church holds its annual retreat.

How much does it cost?

There are several types of fees. Some are flat fees and others vary, depending on the choices you make.

Officiating clergy

  • Pledging member of Grace Church (active communicant for at least 12 months):  Free-will donation
  • Adult children of Grace Church members, who were active members of Grace as children:  Free-will donation.
  • Adult children of Grace Church members, who were NOT active members of Grace as children :  $500 ($300 for instruction and $200 for rehearsal and wedding)
  • Others:  $900 ($500 for instruction only)

Use of the Church

$500 (Fee is waived for active, pledging communicants)

Other Fees
Sexton:  $150 cleaning fee
Bulletins:  $0.50 per sheet  (optional)

Candles:  Fees only for use of optional candles
Altar flowers:  $150 minimum
Organist:  $300 minimum

A deposit of the church use fee and 1/3 of the clergy fee is required to schedule a wedding. Please note that the deposits are non-refundable (even if the first meeting with the clergy has not taken place).

Another 1/3 of the clergy fee must be paid midway through the instruction process. All remaining fees are due in the parish office two weeks before the wedding.

What happens next?  

Couples must:

  • Call the parish office at 703-549-1980 to obtain a marriage information form, or.....
  • Fill out this marriage information form and provide it to the parish office. Your wedding date will be placed on the church calendar after one of the clergy has agreed to officiate at your wedding and you have provided the required deposit to the parish office.
  • Call the church office to schedule a meeting with the clergy;
  • Meet with the clergy [5 hours of pre-marital instruction sessions]; and
  • Obtain a marriage license and provide it and your remaining fees to the parish office at least two weeks prior to the wedding.