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Our Columbarium & Garden


"Death is swallowed up in victory." (I Corinthians 15:54)

Christian Burial in Sacred Ground

The tradition of burial within the precincts of Christian churches goes back many centuries. A columbarium, a sacred place where the ashes of the deceased are interred, has long been a feature of many churches and cathedrals throughout the world. Grace Church can offer parishioners and friends this sacred rite.

Located directly next to the new narthex under the west window, the Grace Church Columbarium and Garden were blessed and dedicated by The Right Reverend Peter James Lee, Bishop of Virginia, on December 4, 1994. At that time, the first committal of ashes was also made.

The Columbarium's low, semi-circular wall set in a garden provides a place of beauty, simplicity, solace and prayer. By keeping sacred the remains of those who we loved near our place of worship, it allows us regularly to celebrate the gift we have been given in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Options for Committal in the Columbarium

Ashes, placed in individual containers, may be ensconced in niches in the wall or in the ground beneath a stone marker. A bronze plaque records the names and dates of birth and death of those whose ashes are so kept.

Ashes may also be buried directly into the ground without a container. This "common" or "in-ground" committal will be done either in the ground beneath a stone marker or in the lawn outside the Columbarium wall. The names and dates of those buried in common ground will be displayed in a public place in the church.

The Columbarium is reserved for the ashes of members and former members of Grace Church, clergy who have served Grace Church, and their baptized forebears, descendants and spouses. Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed by the Columbarium Committee, consisting of the Rector, the Junior Warden, a member of the Vestry, and two parishioners appointed by the Rector.

The cost of common in-ground burial is $200. An in-ground niche costs $400, and a wall niche costs $800. All prices include interment, a marker or plaque, and perpetual care. Cost of cremation and a container is not included.

For More Information

Because care of the Columbarium is a sacred trust, we encourage you to plan in advance for the disposition of ashes and accompanying services. If you would like to receive an application to purchase space in our Columbarium and Garden, please complete and submit this form. The parish clergy are available to discuss cremation as an option for Christian burial, as well as to give you a guided tour of the Columbarium and Garden. Please call the church office at 703-549-1980.