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Offer Pledges and Gifts

Whether it's to fulfill a pledge or make a special gift, contributions to Grace Episcopal Church can be made in several different ways.

Annual Pledge Campaign

Each fall every member of the parish is given the opportunity to support the ministry of Grace Church by pledging a contribution to the upcoming annual budget. Parishioners' pledged offerings provide 85% of our annual income. While the campaign is conducted in the fall, pledges are accepted at any time. Make your pledge online here . Pledge cards are also available in the pews, the tract rack and the credenza.

Offering Envelopes

If you would like a set of offering envelopes, please contact the Parish Administrator. Contributors who are "known to the Parish Administrator" (i.e., Grace Church has your name and address) receive quarterly Contributions Statements suitable for tax purposes. Offerings placed in the pink envelopes go toward the Altar Fund, and support the cost of wine, wafers, and other sacred items that are part of our services.

Cash Donations

Some members of Grace Church use the plate offering for contributing checks. Cash donations also can be recorded through the use of cash contribution envelopes found in the pews.

Electronic Giving

Electronic Giving is available at Grace Church (click here for the online form). Donations can be made to Operating Funds (e.g., in accordance with an annual Stewardship Pledge). You can also still designate funds for Grace Anew if your Capital Campaign pledge is still outstanding. Donations can be made from a checking account, savings account, debit card (Visa or Mastercard only) or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only). Using the online form you may set up a Recurring or One-Time donation.

Please be aware that you have the option of also donating the 2.5% credit card fee by completing the “Credit Card Fee” area of the online form.

If you have questions concerning the completion of the form or any other matter concerning electronic giving, please contact the Treasurer, Bill Eckel by email.

Donate Altar Flowers

Altar Flowers are given as an expression of gratitude to God for special events in their lives such as births, marriages or anniversaries, in general thanksgiving or in memory of persons who have died. After Sunday worship, the flowers are taken to parish shut-ins and hospital patients. Those wishing to give flowers may sign up on the calendar in the narthex or email Lisa Doelp. The cost is $40.00 per Sunday regardless of the number of donors. Contributions of $35.00 toward Christmas decorations and Easter decorations is another way to contribute to the beauty of Grace Church.

Other Donations

If you would like to give a gift of real property or securities to Grace Church, please contact the Parish Administrator in advance, so that appropriate information can be exchanged. Click here to learn more about "planned giving."

Grace Anew Capital Campaign

In January 2008, Grace Episcopal Church began a bold chapter in the history of our parish. The Grace Anew Campaign launched an effort to raise $1.25 million for the building of a new organ, the expansion of the choir loft (see the photo on this page), and necessary improvements to the roof and HVAC systems. To learn more, click here.

The Grace Trust

Established in 2000, the Trust Fund of Grace Episcopal Church is a vehicle through which parishioners and others can consider and support longer-term financial commitments to the church's well-being through planned giving, estate planning, bequests, etc. The trust will provide a general endowment fund to ensure a firm financial foundation for the church and the school and for their capital acquisitions and improvements, major maintenance projects, and outreach. Trustees are: Dorothy Bakke, Jonathan Doelp, Jack Hamilton, Barry Joyner and Richard Troyer. Information about contributing to the trust is also available from the stewardship chairs and the trustees.

Memorial Fund

If you are inspired to do so, the Grace Church Memorial Fund is a way to contribute to the beauty and functionality of Grace Church and, at the same time, remember and honor the lives of loved ones who have died. Cynthia Puskar is the coordinator for the Memorial Committee that receives, acknowledges, and recommends to the Vestry disposition of all donations to Grace Church made in memory of Grace Church parishioners and others. The Vestry has final authority regarding the acceptance and disposition of memorial donations.